Happy Easter!

"Christ is risen from the dead and become the first fruits of them that slept" - Happy Easter! It has been a busy time at St Lawrence and we were delighted to see more than 80 at our Maundy Thursday Sung Eucharist and more than 200 at the Bach Passion sung the USKO on their visit from Utrecht. We hope all who attended our Holy Week and Easter Day services saw and felt something of the joy and momentousness of Christ's resurrection and triumph over death.

We hope you are enjoying a peaceful Easter Monday and look forward to welcoming you at St Lawrence in the cheerful season of Eastertide. Beyond our regular Sunday services, in the next few weeks do look out for a Sung Prayer Book Eucharist and tea for the PBS Diocesan annual festival on Saturday 6th May at noon, the Friends of St Lawrence's dedication festival Evensong and Tea on Saturday 20th May at 4pm, and to a Service for Ascension Day on Thursday 25th May at 1pm.