The Armistice Centenary

100 years ago this 11th November, the guns finally fell silent at the end of the First World War. People soon began to try to make some retrospective sense of the human cost of the War. 158 men from or with close connections to the parish were commemorated on a memorial set up in St Lawrence's south transept in October 1921. The homes of 70 of these 158 men (or the homes of their parents if their address is unknown) have been interactively mapped - click here to see where they lived, click on the blue points to read about them. Little is known of many of the men. For example, at least 21 St Lawrence choristers served but it is not known which of those killed were choristers even though it is statistically likely that one or two at least had sung in the choir. But we have recorded much of what is known, lest we forget them and the nature of the calamity which engulfed them. If you know more about any of these men, their lives, and their families, please get in touch with Iain Milne so that more information can be included in future displays and commemorations by contacting

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