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The 1739 Bell

The 8 bells of St Lawrence are rung by the St Lawrence Society of Change Ringers (who have their own website here). The Society rings for the main morning Eucharist each Sunday morning, and for Evensong every evening (usually from 9:30am-10am, and from 5:15pm-6pm). The bells, all of which were cast by Taylor's of Loughborough, were installed in the tower in 1999. Some of them were originally hung at Charrington's Brewery in London in the 1940s. bells group 2

Members of the St Lawrence Society on an outing to Darlington

The St Lawrence Society welcomes locals, students, complete beginners, and experienced ringers. They practice at the church from 7:30pm-9pm most Monday evenings, and can usually be found in the Waggon & Horses after practice. They sometimes ring handbells too - handbell practices are arranged separately. You can contact the Society at Members of the St Lawrence Society ringing handbells at the Friends of St Lawrence's "Edwardian Christmas", in the Church Community Hall, in 2013. (c) York Museums Trust; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Alderman Fawcett, painted by T Wells-Smith in 1879 (c) YMT

There are two other bells in the tower: the clock bell, part of a clock installed in the 1890s by Alderman Fawcett (shown above) in memory of his parents, buried in the churchyard; and the 1739 bell (shown at top of page), which used to hang in the tower of the old church. It is now mounted on the ringing room wall. St Lawrence also owns 3 of the 6 medieval bells hanging in the former church of St John, Ouse Bridge (currently a bar). These bells used to hang in the church of the parish of St Nicholas, with which St Lawrence was merged after St Nicholas was destroyed in the Civil War. They were hung in St John for safekeeping, but have ended up staying ever since!  

An active Church of England church in York, between the busy University of York campus and the ancient city walls – serving the Parish of St Lawrence -with-St Nicholas with Christian prayer, worship, fellowship, hospitality, and charity.