High Altar July 2015 People come to St Lawrence with a wide spectrum of religious beliefs and experience. The Church of England has broad arms and welcomes all. As a Christian church, we believe in salvation through Christ Jesus, the Son of God.  As Anglicans specifically, we ascribe to the key Christian tenets expressed in the creeds of the Catholic (that is, universal) church; and most of us would be able to assent to the Archbishop of York's explanation of Being an Anglican given here. St Lawrence stands most particularly in the High Church or Anglo-Catholic traditions of Anglican liturgy and devotion, with emphasis on the beauty of holiness, the majesty of God's power and promises, and value set on the ancient and orthodox traditions of belief and practices passed down through the Catholic church. We are glad to welcome men and women, young and old, of all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs to come to St Lawrence and find out what we believe, how we worship, and who we are. We have good relationships with other faith groups - particularly the Roman Catholic nuns of Lawrence Street - and our Lay Reader, Mr Jackson, is particularly actively involved in ecumenical work in York. High Altar and Our Lady Receiving Communion At Eucharistic services (all 9am and most 10am services, plus services on some feast days), we receive the body and blood of Christ, in the form of unleavened bread and wine from a common cup, in remembrance that Christ Jesus died to save us from our sins. We would only expect those who are baptised and confirmed members of the Church of England, or regular communicants in their own Christian churches, to actually receive bread and wine at Eucharistic services - but anyone is very welcome to receive a blessing from the minister if they wish. Body and Blood    

An active Church of England church in York, between the busy University of York campus and the ancient city walls – serving the Parish of St Lawrence -with-St Nicholas with Christian prayer, worship, fellowship, hospitality, and charity.